The LLama Who Rocks in Her Polka Dot Socks Bundle


Unleash creativity with “The Llama Who Rocks in Her Polka Dot Socks” lesson plan bundle! Students will improvise on nonpitched percussion, read and play quarter and paired eighth notes, and learn the value of friendship. Perfect for engaging elementary music classes.


Explore rhythm and friendship with our engaging lesson plan bundle inspired by Dave Holland’s The Llama Who Rocks in Her Polka Dot Socks. Designed for elementary music classrooms, this bundle encourages students to improvise on nonpitched percussion instruments, mastering how to play quarter notes, and paired eighth notes.

Through interactive activities, students not only develop musical skills but also learn valuable lessons about inclusivity and friendship. Perfect for teachers seeking innovative ways to integrate music and storytelling into their curriculum, this bundle promises to captivate young learners while fostering a love for music and community.

Included in this bundle are:

  • Lesson plan
  • Orffestration with tiny melody
  • PowerPoint presentation


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