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Jeanette Shorey sitting on a red caboose

Teaching is TOUGH, but staying stuck in your current situation is even TOUGHER.

I know from personal experience that things can get better.

My journey has brought me to a place where I’m not just satisfied; I feel genuinely excited every time I enter my music classroom!

This transformation is what I want for you . . . which is why I’ve dedicated myself to creating a space where elementary music teachers can learn and grow together.

I believe that positive change is possible, and I’m fired up about guiding you toward a more rewarding and joyful teaching experience.

You can begin this journey without risk, thanks to our 30-day guarantee. I encourage you to step into this realm of possibilities, where transformation is within your reach.

Let’s take this transformative journey together, turning your challenges into opportunities and discovering the joy that awaits you in your music classroom.

Hi there! I'm Jeanette

Teaching elementary kids can be a rollercoaster, and I’ve ridden every loop-de-loop.

Now, picture having someone who’s been through it all, learned the ropes, and is ready to share the insider tips with you.

In this course, we’re diving into the real stuff – all the ‘how-do-I-manage-this’ moments, and everything in between.

Think of me as your teaching partner, here to make the journey a bit smoother and a lot more fun! 


Empowering Music Educators: PD Designed Just for You

Find the support you need to thrive as a music educator, no matter where you are in your journey.

Virtual Courses

Comprehensive virtual courses to elevate your skills and knowledge as an elementary music teacher. Learn essential skills from expert educators.

Monthly Masterclasses

Our monthly masterclasses teach you tips and strategies tailored for elementary music teachers. Each session is led by a master teacher, providing invaluable guidance to enhance your teaching practice.

Expert Support

Access personalized support from experienced music teachers dedicated to your growth and success as a music teacher. You’ll find professional guidance, feedback, and mentorship.

Community Collaboration

Engage in collaborative activities and connect with fellow music teachers in our vibrant community. Interact with fellow music teachers to grow together in your teaching journey.

Storybook Lesson Plans

By using creative movement and manipulatives—igniting joy, fostering inspiration, and connecting with your students in memorable ways.

Special Members-only Bonuses

Master redirection and the ‘join them’ mindset for harmonious learning. Turn challenges into opportunities for growth and connection in your classroom.

The Happy Music Teacher Academy: Your Key to a Happier Teacher Life

You have no idea how I appreciate you!  You have a way of explaining everything one needs to know in detail, and I am learning so much from you!

Hanlie Wilson

Happy Highlights Community Member

I did a last-minute lesson on the book Allegro, after taking your course, Simply Music Skills, & participating in trainings in the Happy Music Teacher Academy.  I was so proud of myself!

Kaitlyn Traylor

Academy Member

You desire for other music teachers to be happy and enjoy their jobs, to feel suppported, seen, heard, and to provide resources to encouarge us so we don’t feel over-burdened and defeated.

Teresa Williamson

Happy Highlights Community

This has been my more exhausting, toughest year of teaching.  Thank you for being one of the voices helping me get through this year in a positive & productive way!

Diana Reed

Academy Member

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our risk-free 30-day guarantee.

You’re a teacher . . . you don’t have a lot of expendable income.  What if you don’t find value in the Happy Music Teacher Academy?

You have 30 days to work through the PD.  If you’re not completely satisfied that this community is delivering on it’s promise, I’ll refund your first payment.  

Simply DM me or send me an email to

Jeanette Shorey playing the kazoo and laughing

All the questions your colleagues asked before joining the Academy:

What if I join the Academy and find that it's not for me?

That’s easy.  You can unsubscribe at any time and never be charged again.  Plus, I’m so sure you’ll love it that I’ll offer you a refund on your first month if you unsubscribe within that first 30 days

How long do I have to take the courses included in the Academy

Forever basically!  You can access the courses as soon as you join The Happy Music Teacher Academy.  PLUS, You have lifetime access as long as you are a member of the group.

How much time will I have to dedicate to the Academy?

As much or as little time as you want to dedicate.  Most people find being a part of the community just like being on social media, only better.  It’s private, and everyone is just like you!

Can my school pay for membership to the Academy

As a matter of fact, YES!  Just get in touch with me and we can talk.

Jeanette Shorey playing the kazoo and laughing

Your Transformation Awaits ...

Change can be difficult, but I’m here to support you.

I’ve been where you are, feeling deep frustration and reaching a point of outright loathing for my job.

It’s a hard place to be, and I truly understand the intensity of those feelings.